The key elements of the Division’s integrated service delivery system include Career Services and Training Services.

Training Services

The Division of Employment and Training (DET) can help cover the cost of degree, license and certificate programs. To review a list of available Training and Education Providers go to and click on Training/Education.

This is not an entitlement program and eligibility must be established for low income adults and dislocated workers interested in training/education.

The following steps must be completed so we can better assist with your New Career!

  • Create or update your Job Seeker Account on Delaware JobLink – visit to complete this step. This can be done from your home, your local library, or at the Department of Labor where an Employment Service Specialist is ready to assist you.
  • Schedule and complete CASAS testing – the CASAS Test measures your reading and math skills. Before you take the test ask for a refresher packet at the resource room. If you recently took a reading and math test somewhere else make sure you tell us.
  • Attend Career Planning – the Career Planning Workshop will help you craft, develop and research your educational and employment plan. Research Training and Education Providers at: and click on Training/Education.
  • Schedule a One on One Meeting with an Employment Service Specialist – an Employment Service Specialist will determine if you are eligible (a low income adult or a dislocated worker) to participate in the competitive process. Prepare for this meeting by gathering the required documents from the list you receive from the Career Planning Workshop.

This process can take at least four weeks to complete so plan accordingly.

The Dislocated Worker Program assists individuals laid off from a job to obtain employment through training and related employment services. Programs are conducted in cooperation with employers or labor organizations to provide early intervention in the event of closures of plants or facilities.

The Migrant and Seasonal Farmworkers Program includes a variety of services to help migrant and seasonal farm workers and their families find alternative job opportunities in year-round employment, or to improve their well being if they remain in seasonal agricultural work. Vocational counseling and referrals to training, help with childcare, medical aid, legal aid, food stamps or other needed services are also available. This program also assists farmers and growers in job recruitment, placement, and information in the form of federal and state laws, rules, and regulations.

The State Summer Youth Employment Program is a jobs program that awards grants to qualifying non-profit agencies and organizations for the hiring of Delaware youth during the summer months. The program targets economically disadvantaged households and should be of some benefit to the community. The work performed by the youth should be meaningful and teach some basic pre-requisites for career employment.

The Trade Act (TAA) assists workers whose employment is adversely affected by imports. Assistance includes help in preparing for and obtaining new employment. Eligible workers may also receive training, job search and relocation allowances. Additionally, Trade Readjustment Allowances (TRA) may be payable to eligible workers following exhaustion of their unemployment insurance benefits.

Veteran's services include the Disabled Veterans Outreach Program (DVOP) which is an outreach program designed to meet the needs of veterans, especially disabled veterans.

The Delaware JobLink is a web based online network system that provides access, for both employers and job seekers, to a full range of workforce information.

The Delaware Joblink Job Seeker account provides the ability to:

  • Conduct a Job Search
  • Job Search using Job Spidering
  • Build an on-line Resume
  • Research Career Information
  • Register with Job Service
  • Receive emails on new job openings

Division of Employment & Training