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      Links to web sites for County, City, and Municipality web sites within the State of Delaware

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      The State of Delaware Employment Page

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      News Journal Classified Section

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      Current job openings with the Federal Government

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      Listing of interesting job search sites

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      Help with finding childcare and related information

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      Transit Information and Schedules

       Career Directions
      Interactive maps of Delaware's employers, child care providers, public transit, training sites and more

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       Delaware's Universities, Colleges and Schools

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       Open the Door to Job Corps

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       Delaware Office of Occupational & Labor Market Information
      Delaware's Occupational and Labor Market Information web site.

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      Delaware Labor and Economic Information

       Occupational Employment Trends
      A variety of useful information on occupations

       America's Service Locator
      A comprehensive database of employment, training and supportive services

       Delaware Department of Labor
      A complete listing of the programs and services available through the Delaware Department of Labor

       DET Office Locations
      Directory of the Delaware Department of Labor Division of Employment and Training local office locations

       State of Delaware
      The State of Delaware website

       Delaware Commission of Veteran's Affairs
      The Delaware Commission of Veteran Affairs web site

       Veterans' Preference Introduction
      Veterans' Preference Introduction on the US Department of Labor web site

       DOL Employment Laws Advisor
      Employment Laws Assistance for Workers and Small Businesses

       The Workforce ATM
      Compendium of state practices on workforce development programs

       O*Net OnLine
      Explore occupational information and view related details such as skills, knowledge, interests and activities

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